Subscribe to Reports, integrated with your data and implemented by the apps producer


Included in the subscription period

Data integration from sources
Setting of Report update schedule
Installation of Extra-Integrator App
Launch of Report in Reportment apps
Report update processes control
Technical and logical tests of Report
Adjustment of dimensions in Report
Extension of measurements in Report
Apps updates, technical support

Subscribe to Consolidator
to make self-service changes in integrated data


Included in the subscription period

Assigning inter-source categories
Multi-standard mapping of postings
Customization of report forms
Setting of inter-company eliminations
Creation of adjustments and postings
Inputting documents in ERP format
Creation of budgeting and predicted KPI
Ongoing changes of planning parameters
App updates, technical support

Inquire Preparation services from the apps producer for self-service changes in your integrated data


Included in the subscription period

Customization of ERP documents
Extension of general and sub-level fields
Setting financial standards
Designing catalogues for categories
Development of analytical categories
Definition of parameters for predictions
Automatic calculation of predictions
Data integration with subscribed Report
Recommendations on changes in sources