Surprise breakthrough in BI.
Get dashboards, reports, and much more in one solution.

Get rid of manual
spreadsheets and its

Run ready-to-use
fully automate solution
for business analysis,
financial consolidation,
budgeting, planning.

Meet the easy-to-use solution where a license-free option allows to avoid investment in software.

Businescope provides software and services for any type of business, sizes, and processes at all organization levels.

Get friendly user interface to manipulate business data in tables, grids, graphs, charts, and dashboards.

Embedded analytics and performance selections, filters, calendar settings, formulas provide the users with an instant insights.

Let the trained robot to collect data from all of your sources.

Businescope’s database is imported from enterprise software data and processed automatically.

Take advantages of Businescope’s full service.

The producer’s service includes connecting with source data, assembling of Master-Reports, and training to use the software.

Cut down expenses for coding, formulas, queries, and report design.

Running the software does not require from the users any developer skills, SQL experience, knowledge on dashboard creation.

Redirect the saved time to proper business analysis and decisions.

Automated data migration and processes completely replace spreadsheets and manual preparations.

Share business data with
colleagues and partners.

The business data can be sent over the application or provided by online access.

Reporter available in ONLINE and DESKTOP versions.

Adjustment of reports by selecting analytics, filters, embedded computations.

All reports are presented in tables, grids, charts, graphs, and dashboards.

Scheduled emailing of actual business data to colleagues and partners.

Online collaboration with colleagues by exchanging business data internally in the app.

Scheduled automatic report updates, refreshed with data from relevant sources.

Infinite number of analytical reports with full drill down to the original documents.

Consolidator available in DESKTOP version.

Labeling group’s members for
automatic elimination of
intercompany transactions.

Mapping of accounts and
analytics from one GAAP
standard to another.

Customizing report templates
of financial statements, key performance
indicators, budgeting, and planning.

Comprising accounting entries,
postings, reclassifications and

Classification, cleaning, integration of
goods, services, clients, suppliers,
warehouses, and other business analytics.

Input data and documents to complete
budget, planning and other
forecast figures.

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