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Reporting & Analysis

Ready-for-analysis cross-company BI-reporting

Totally get rid of manual data preparation!

Free up your valuable time from preparing reports. Apps producer’s team supplies cross-company reports, connected and automatically synchronized with your data sources. Across organization managing and financial reports are designed with full drill down features of every figure. You could view all data and fields of the original document without reference to source software.

Insights at a glance!

Originally tangled multi-source business data is transformed in intuitive tables, charts, and dashboards. Apps provide unique solutions for your most complicated data cases with no coding and third parties.

Get started apps with unique business analysis solutions
to get totally rid of manual data preparation

  • Integration of multi-source data with automatic updates
  • Custom settings of inter-source analytical dimensions
  • Financial multi-standard consolidation
  • Predicted financial statements and business performances
  • Customized planning and budgeting
  • ERP format input into integrated data
  • Comparison of planned and actual data
  • Parametrical predictions of processes
  • Extra solutions are available and supported

Stay updated with integrated cross-company reports
and ongoing changes in your disparate sources

Any other data sources are available for integrations