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Businescope Intelligence Solutions

Versions All our solutions are composed of two key elements: a set of unique analytical modules to build reporting and data synchronization module. The source of the data in our solutions can be used in absolutely any accounting system (e.g. SAP Business One / All-In-One / Suite, Microsoft Dynamics NAV / AX, 1C: Enterprise, SLS-Store / Company) or any database (e.g. Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL). We offer you the following solutions:

  • Businescope Intelligence Standard — Standard Version:
    Is to be used with the standard configuration of the accounting system 1C:Enterprise. It includes standard analytical modules required for the basic reporting.
  • Вusinescope Intelligence Advanced — Extended Version:
    Includes Businescope Intelligence Standard with additional analytical modules, used by the top managers to obtain timely information about the company.
  • Businescope Intelligence Premium — Exclusive Version:
    Designed to perform the full financial and economic analysis of your company’s business. This is a unique project and is created with all the features of your business and your accounting system.

In order for you to learn more about our solution and for you to have all your questions answered, we are ready to hold a special presentation focused on your business. We want to show you a version with your real data, not just the abstract test version. To start working with your data, we offer two options:

  • We can provide you with a CD with the test version of the software and technical description of the installation process. In this case, your technical experts will do the installation and configuration of the application.
  • You can take an advantage of using our experts to install the application. In such case, you will only need to provide access to the source of your data, or upload the required data to text files.

We guarantee full confidentiality of the data provided, regardless of the type of cooperation. If for any reason you cannot provide us with the required data, we are ready to offer a version of the application that works with encrypted data. In this case, your staff will perform the data encryption.

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