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Food for Thought
The Main Questions

You, or any owner or supervisor, in order to obtain a complete picture of the current situation in your company, should always know the answers to the most important questions:

  • Where is really your money?
  • How effective is your business at the moment?
  • What would happen to your business in the near future, especially considering the conditions of instability and growing competition?
Familiar Situations

You probably know the situation where, instead of receiving one single report in a meeting, you are brought pile of bulky binders for the week. At best, they are put together from numerous reports of your accounting system and are collecting with the help of Microsoft Excel. Inevitably, you are faced with the fact that such a report:

  • Is irrelevant as the explanation of the problem, the manual preparation and the processing of the data takes too much time;
  • The information presented is subjective because of the high degree of dependence upon the performers and their professional skills;
  • Is not safe, because classified information is stored on the disks of the performers and that is a risk of unauthorized access;
  • Is ineffective, since the objective does not reflect the completeness of the financial and economic activities of the company.
Common Difficulty

In most cases, the main problem is the standard accounting systems is not convenient for management reports, when performing its main function. As a result, even for just obtaining the necessary objective information, you already have to pay with big losses of time and, therefore, your own means.

Standard Outputs

Usually in such situation, you would replace one accounting system for another, the more "perfect" one. The selection of a new system in a challenge itself, resulting in high material costs and efforts of the entire team. The time used to implement the system increased, and the data for the past periods may have been partly lost.

The Original Solution

If you are not satisfied with the information system used, Businescope Intelligence will help you. This system is a result of a collaborative effort of people from completely different specialisations: businessmen and top managers, financial analysts and economists, programmers and database architects. Such approach qualitatively summarises the knowledge and expertise, maximizing the efficiency of management decisions.

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